Hello! My name is Felice Soifer and The Art of the Recipe is my kitchen. After settling down from my life as a pathologist and cancer researcher in order to raise four kids, I quickly began seeking new interests and hobbies I could master. In my quest to find healthier foods for my children to eat–namely, vegetables of any kind–my family discovered the true beauty of what the natural world already provided for us.

This new awakening rejuvenated my cooking style to focus on nutrition, as well as taste, and when I combined that with my life-long interest in the arts, things took an incredible turn. I was able to focus on the presentation of colors, shapes, designs–anything to show off the fantastic natural ingredients I had used.

My family now enjoys recipes that focus on fruits and vegetables, limit excessive protein, and avoid unnecessary sugar. Everything I use comes from the Earth and I’ve found that it enhances mealtime for everyone.

These days I spend my time creating new works of art in the kitchen and in my studio. As a physician, author, artist, and home chef, I developed The Art of the Recipe, not just to share healthy recipes, but to show you the natural beauty you can create right on a plate.

Join me on my journey to foster a deeper connection to Earth’s wonderful bounty as we prepare flavorful, healthy meals together.

Please enjoy my homemade recipes and original artwork.