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Hummus with Sautéed Mushrooms and Chickpeas

I recently went on a mother-daughter trip with my three beautiful daughters to Italy, where my middle daughter is studying abroad. We ordered a bunch of appetizers at a restaurant in Venice. My daughter chose a plate of hummus, which arrived with freshly sautéed mushrooms and whole chickpeas, accompanied by
This might be an unusual way to begin a blog, but I would like to start with a short story – don’t worry – it’s really quick! I will begin by stating that I had just made these delicious muffins. I needed to run a few quick errands and my
And how it all began… My love of cooking with vegetables began years ago, when trying to feed my vegetable-fearing children. On a beautiful autumn day, I scoured the newspapers looking for a fun outdoor activity for my four young children. We embarked on our first of many visits to