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This might be an unusual way to begin a blog, but I would like to start with a short story – don’t worry – it’s really quick! I will begin by stating that I had just made these delicious muffins. I needed to run a few quick errands and my first stop was my neighborhood drug store. As I approached the cash register with my items, the clerk looked at me and exclaimed, “You smell

Simple Sautéed Green Beans

Posted by aotr34 on April 2, 2016

single imgAnd how it all began… My love of cooking with vegetables began years ago, when trying to feed my vegetable-fearing children. On a beautiful autumn day, I scoured the newspapers looking for a fun outdoor activity for my four young children. We embarked on our first of many visits to a drive from our house, to go vegetable picking. The children ran from plant to plant,