Monthly Archives: March 2016

French Green Lentil and Roasted Kabocha Soup

Kabocha Squash This soup has become a new family favorite. This wonderful, hearty soup is loaded with fresh vegetables and flavor. It has a marvelous creamy texture and sweetness from the kabocha squash. The lentils provide a source of protein and fiber, making this soup a nutritional powerhouse. There are

Pan-Seared Wild Halibut with Tomato Onion Chutney and Zucchini

  Dinner in my house is always a surprise. I love to experiment and challenge myself to prepare delicious meals that are healthy and easy to prepare. My family never knows what will appear on the table! Today, I decided to use ingredients that I all ready had at home

Waldorf Salad with Kohlrabi and Pomegranates

I am frequently asked how I choose and develop my recipes. My creative process often begins at the Farmer’s Market. My local supermarket carries kohlrabi, which comes neatly trimmed with its leaves and stems cut off. When I first saw kohlrabi at the Farmer’s market, I was fascinated. My first

Striped Bell Peppers with Zucchini, Tomatoes and Goat Cheese

  My daughters often tease me about how much I loathe shopping.  This is true…unless something really catches my eye.  That something is usually colorful and beautiful.  This week it happened to me.  I saw these striped bell peppers and knew I had to have them.  First I placed them

Rosette Apple Cake

This delicious apple cake, made with fresh apples, pecans and cinnamon, is absolutely gorgeouswith its radial pattern of sliced apples. Vegetable oil and apple cider replace solid fats, making this moist cake dairy free. I have gotten so many requests on how to make the floral pattern with the sliced